April 25, 2006

Surf's Up!

Came across this while surfing the web (in down time) at work:



Until next time

April 19, 2006

Time to use your mind

G'day! Something I was asked to do today was pretty neat. Not too complicated, just a little something to make you use the old noggin a bit.

First off you need this:

now the rules:
Using the numbers 1 through 8 populate the boxes above, each with one number using each number only once. No number can touch (diagonally as well as adjacent) any number that is concecutive to it in the count (4 cannot touch 3 and 5).

Like I said, not too hard, just get the old mind going.

Those of you still interested in the countdown:
1 week until I close on my new home.... ooohhh boy!

Until next time

April 13, 2006

Summer is here!

Well, not technically, but the weather could argue for it.

Busy times call for short posts. I've upgraded to my new hard drive. So far so good, all scans seem to be running green. I'll still be leary about my system for a while though (keeping fingers crossed).


Google has officially released the long awaited much anticipated Google Calendar
13 days from the closing on our new home
work is work (but not bad work)

Additional Update:

If you hadn't been keeping up with the Firefox Flicks Campaign, you should check it out. It's user submitted commercials promoting the popular open source browser. So far my favorite it titled Wheee! Here is a link:


Until next time

April 10, 2006

Spring Cleaning

Well, it seems that it is time to give yé Olde blog a new look. I can't take credit for the look though, thanks to blogger templates for the design.

The weather in OKC is taking a turn to warm and windy. Well, it's always windy. It was a good weekend for yard work though.

Right now I'm waiting on a new hard drive to arrive via UPS. Seems my current drive is about to kick yé Olde bucket. I may share my ventures in that when I'm finished. We'll see how it goes.

Until next time

April 4, 2006

Children of the Spam

Ok, if like me you find maniacal children congregating for a common evil purpose (Children of the Corn) completely horrifying then maybe you find the new Spam Singles commercial a bit disturbing. That is one of the scariest things to me, but I'm a little skiddish.

Upcoming Events:
  • new episode of LOST tomorrow
  • less than two weeks to tax day
  • about 3 weeks to my wife's birthday
  • less than one month to close on buying a new house

until next time