May 31, 2007

Who's the expert?

Google is taking their online office apps offline... plus it seems like you can use this tool for other sites of choice (if you have proper access). Could be interesting...

(check out pics of Reid at my picasa photo album).

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May 9, 2007

The time has come!

Well, we've been checked into the hospital and sometime tomorrow or later I'll be able to hold my son!

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May 7, 2007

Additional Update

I've recently taken to using, it's actually been informative and entertaining. So I've added "Digg This" buttons to my posts just in case any of you peeps who read this do the digg thing.

end of update


So lately I've been busy.  Just random stuff, but mostly getting the house ready for the baby (we're at DEFCON-1).  I've been playing Rainbow Six: Vegas, I finished the story mode, which is fairly short but fun.  Now I'm working on what they call Terrorist Hunts, which are basically games setup on the multi-player maps where you have the objective of clearing the entire map of enemies.  There are 10 maps to clear to get the achievements, and I'm doing them on Realistic mode which will bag me 2 achievements, I've got 4 maps left to clear.  Here's my gamertag as is:

Recently watched The Departed.  I was really impressed with this flick.  I liked the parallels presented with the snitches on both sides of the law enforcement camps.  Not a flick for the kiddies, but if you've got a night to waste check it out, you won't be disappointed.

Work is work.  Still just plugging along on the point of sale system using Java.  No complaints really.  I'm ready for a break, but with the kid on the way I'll get what I ask for there, then I may want to get back to work.

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May 1, 2007

Rant #{random}

I know I have deadlines and so much to do, but I have to rant about this. My therapist says it's good therapy, or at least if I had a therapist that's what I would pay them to say.

So we've been given a very strict end of year deadline on our project, you know, the whole 5 gallons in a 2 gallon bucket bit. Anyway, this morning I'm checking my email and from one of our managing Business Analysts I received a note regarding something that just blows my mind. This person is wondering why in some functions in our web app the text box for the login ID is bigger than in other functions...

Yes you heard me correctly. They are pushing a goal that is unreachable and they want to penny whip us with stupid discussions about textbox size. UNBELIEVABLE!

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