November 13, 2007

What goes in must come out.

The key to good entertainment is a combination of a hook and a yank. Pardon the fishing analogy, but I think you can easily understand. My son is just now 6 months old and he has this down to perfection. For example...

We took Reid to his first basketball game; middle school basketball. I had a feeling it would be an experience the first time since basketball gyms tend to be very loud. To top it off we had had Reid's 6 month well baby visit earlier that day and he received 5 shots so he was already off his game.

Well, about 2 minutes after we arrived the crowd got loud and the buzzer went off. Reid started screaming. It wasn't just a cry, it was a loud, high pitched wailing sound. The hook. We decided that part of his continuing anguish could be partly attributed to pain from the shots he had received that day. So we decided to give him some children's Tylenol.

A bit of the medicine started dripping from his mouth, being six months old he drools a lot. Well I was about reach for a burp rag when it happened. The yank. I heard the patented "SPLURP!!", and at almost the same exact moment I felt warm, soured, regurgitated milk gush into my ear and run down my neck and shirt. And don't forget we had an audience since he'd pulled off the perfect hook earlier with his crying.

Ah, parenthood is strangely rewarding. Why rewarding? Because somehow in it all I didn't even feel a little embarrassed.

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November 1, 2007

Countdown to Modern Warfare

Deploying November 6 2007

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