October 30, 2005


Words that rhyme with Java:
Fava (as in the bean)
Hava (from the Jewish song)

Words that rhyme with code:
Dod (the Hebrew word for physical love, i.e. sex)

Words that rhyme with computer:
...Roto Rooter?

Thank you.
And stank you. Stank you smelly much.


October 25, 2005

Growing with the trends.

Catching the latest in commercial ad marketing between scenes in the latest greatest crime drama I began to ponder about, as pondering usually ends up, the good old days. I remember the good old days when my mom was into QVC. If you haven't heard of it QVC is a television shopping network. We were forced to sit and watch as the next big deal would come into the screan and watch while the sales people would pitch thier product. QVC was where I got my Sega Genesis game console. What lead me to this line of thought was ebay's new commercial "It".

Over the years modern consumerism has changed greatly. From the JCPenney and Sears Catalogs to television shopping networks to Amazon.com and ebay. ebay has made it their purpose as a business to be everything to everyone as seen in their latest wave of commercials. They don't do this with any concrete product of their own, but by allowing people all over the world to offer theirs.

That is software engineering at it's best.
Until next time
Les Martin

October 17, 2005

More BS from MS

Well, leave it to microsoft to stay in the back field on a trend and then jump on the band wagon in the last moments. Sort of like the time Gates said:

"The Internet? That'll go nowhere." [my paraphrase]

So, if you are anybody that is in anyway familiar with web development trends then you've heard of AJAX (
Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) [ever hear about Google Maps?]. Well MS is finally on the bandwagon, BUT, they can't stand to be on the coat tails of anyone so they have taken the liberty to push MS AJAX development under their own monicker: world MS would like to introduce you to the one and only original never before seen Atlas.

So much for the internet huh? And this is just more evidence of the bottomless innovation of our good friends at MS, and that's no BS.

Until next time,
Les Martin

October 14, 2005

Sun Thinking Scalable Naming System.

So Sun Microsystems is finally considering a more scalable form of labeling for their technologies. For a long time we've all known about and used the terms: J2EE and J2SE which stand for Java 2 Enterprise Edition and Java 2 Standard Edition respectively. The wondering mind might always have wondered where Sun go with an upgrade. J3EE? or maybe even J5EE? But with a little help from some brilliant minds Sun has decided to start working on a more scalable name, a name that is independent of what version of Java it is based around. So now, if you find yourself reading technical articles from Sun, IBM, and others don't be surpised to see the more scalable names such as JEE (Java Enterprise Edition) and JSE (Java Standard Edition). Now the sky is the limit with this standard of naming without a clutter of numbers all over the place.

Just thought you ought to know.
Until next time
Les Martin

October 6, 2005

Autumn Chill and Cubical Life

Well, today is what I consider the first fall day we have had here in central Oklahoma. The wind was blowing steady out of the north and the temp averaged about 50°. I love the cooler weather, I guess I'm getting too old for summer, but not really old yet as is evident by my enjoying the cold.

Life on the job is going great. I've been learning a lot, not all about developing either. A lot about group communication and politics and the way a large group of people work together for a single goal. I can never inphasize enough the importance of people skills. In school people try so hard to either get ahead of the rest or just pass the tests that it is hard to realize that what we do is all about working with people.

No cubes for the Gang yet but the people whose computers we will recieve got in their new PC's this week. What a fun time that is, spending several hours (if you are lucky) installing all the software we use is a pain. And then you have to deal with configuration issues that can and probably will arise. Fun times. We will all get to do that when we get our PC's too.

Until next ime,
Les Martin