April 19, 2007


Have you ever been around any of those people that seem to see the bad in everything?  Just the other day it was announced at our company that the vacation policy had been revised and for the most part there were across the board increases in vacation.  Along with that they added an accrual policy for our yearly vacation earning.  Simply put, each time your vacation year starts you have accrued zero of your vacation days, each month you work that year you accrue a percentage of your vacation.  You can still use as much of your vacation right off the bat if you choose, the way the accrual comes into play is if you quit or get terminated for a reason.  Which means the company only owes you vacation you have accrued for that year and if you used over that you owe it back to the company. If your job is terminated due to layoffs the accrual does not apply and the company will pay you for all your annual vacation days.

Now don't forget that first I told you that this policy increased all employee vacation time across the board.  The other day I actually heard someone say:  "Did you see how they screwed us on our vacation?" And I thought "what the crap?".  How on earth did the company screw any employee in good standing by increasing vacation days? 

These people don't look for positive things.  Whenever something happens they immediately go into defensive mode and try to find how they are getting screwed.  I feel sorry for them.  That kind of living can only lead to paranoia.

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April 18, 2007

Quick statements


The other day I was getting some essentials at my friendly neighborhood Walmart.  at the checkout there was one lady in front of me.  When she reached the register and the lady was ringing her up she informed the cashier that she would be using her food-stamp card and if she had enough she would add a bag of potatoes that she had in her cart.  Well, she did get the potatoes, but she did have a bag of green bell peppers in her cart that she didn't announce.  Then I noticed it wasn't an over site, once she got some of her things bagged she cleverly placed the bags over and around the produce.  Observation: it's not enough that she has to use government assistance for her sustenance (which isn't bad if it's a true need) she also has to steal for it

Gaming Trends

Gears is getting more fun online.  I'm still not boss, but I can hold my own if I don't run head first into the enemy.  Rainbow Six Vegas is still fun, not much to report there.


I've decided that to be truly agile in your day to day workings it has to be like learning a language, i.e. it isn't enough to just know a ton of German words and phrases, you actually have to think in German in order to be able to use the language.

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