December 27, 2006

What I'm doing:

  • Final Fantasy III
  • Crypto-Nomicon
  • Final Fantasy V
  • Mario Kart DS
  • Big Brain Academy/Brain Age
  • cleaning the garage (work-in-progress)
  • writing Java code

Until next time

December 21, 2006

It's a boy!

Until next time

December 18, 2006

Where did I put that...

Oh! Hi there. I didn't realize I hadn't posted about anything substantial
in a while. Well, after today that will still be the case...

Things of note:

a new version of Java was officially released. Doesn't really mean
much to the general populace, but if you let it auto update on your pc
then beware of strange things in your old apps (at least just be aware
that problems could occur
If you haven't played Gears of War and you get a chance you should.
Beware though, this game is not for the kiddies (which the rating on the
box will plainly show). As far as shooters go it is a very nice game,
took me a bit to get used to the controls and the view (it is a 3rd
person view), but once you get your sea legs it's a fun ride.
Looking to get a new vehicle, have to get rid of the pickup, it was
The company is moving us around again, playing leap frog cubicle style
is a pain, but we have an excuse for being unproductive and it's the
companies fault :-)

That's not much and it's not very important but it's a busy time of year
and I haven't got a lot of tech brainstorming going on right now.

Until next time