September 25, 2009

Change: The Ever Present Constant

Yes it's been more than a while since my last post here. I'm sorry but I won't be like all those other bloggers and start this post with an apology.

I just rounded off the end of a year doing government contracting. Eight months of which I can't say much (too soon), the last 3 months of that though were very interesting however to my geek side. I got to brush up on my .Net skills and check out the latest in C# technologies (impressive) and I also got to dabble a bit in Java Swing with a HUGE GIS application.

But that has come to an end and I've started a new chapter in my career working back in the private sector doing Java web development. I have to say hello again to Java 1.4, Websphere, Rational Application Developer, AND EJB 2.x

So I've got to get back in the groove of these things and while I'm at it see how I can contribute to maintaining and improving these web applications into a growing industry. I may be jotting some notes here (don't count on it) while I do some digging into the in's N out's of these things again.

All in all things are good.
Until next time