November 1, 2005


I'm fatter than I used to be. My hairline isn't quite as low on my forehead anymore. I can't do 60 push-ups in one go and I'm all around more out of shape than I used to be. One thing is for sure, things change. That is why what I do (software development) is such an awesome job. When you are getting bored with what you do you find that you have to learn something new to meet a new need or new technology. Just over 2 years ago I first learned of PHP, what a new world it was for me, I thought that struts were just things on vehicles. But now, I'm into JEE and STRUTS and JSPs and Servlets and EJBs and on and on. Last year I got hard core into HTML and CSS standards for web development, now I'm constantly reading about modern DHTML on the DOM and AJAX.

It is even evident from a user perspective. 3 years ago I used Internet Explorer, sometime between now and then enter Firefox (Pheonix, Firebird) and I'm off and running with a new browser, but don't forget for short periods I used Netscape Navigator and the original Mozilla browser. Currently I'm writing this entry with a blogging tool built right into a new browser based on Firefox called Flock (experimenting with the 0.5 beta).

Speaking of beta, how about Google and beta testing. GMail was in beta for what seemed a lifetime, GoogleMaps is still marked beta as well as GoogleSuggest and many other Google apps. All of these also have a link with AJAX because they are largely based on it.

2 years ago who used any online map besides mapQuest? (you computer geeks that have a list waiting to rag on me with don't count, I'm talking regular people) Now I don't go anywhere but GoogleMaps, but I guess I am a tech geek. It will catch on though.

Last year the Sooners were at the top of the BCS charts, this week we finally made it back to the polls at 25, not such a great season. Like I said things change.

Until next time.

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