May 9, 2006

Yes there is a framework for that.

In the software development world one thing that will never change is the constant flow of new and updated frameworks. Our architectures are flooded with extensions and 3rd party code to the point of over saturation. Just when we think we've sanded down rough surface in our latest next generation code addition they release an update. Why update when you're current version is finally on the level? The promise of previous complaints being put to rest of course. Forget the fact that we've worked around the things that bother us, now the code we've strapped together to allow the *cough*unobtrusive*cough* integration of our favorite framework, we can now consider that code (which was billed to the project by the way) expendable for the sake of moving forward into the use of our favorite framework with the latest update. But wait, we're not promising that all the pieces of the previous version are going to work with the update, so you may have to do some damage control. And on it goes...

Maybe we should consider this:

What can I do for my current framework,
not what can the next framework fad do for me.
With all that being said, I'm not a software shut-in. I'm just as giddy to get into the next big thing as the next developer, I just believe we should adopt technology with caution especially when future maintainability and upgrade are a concern. And remember, you're probably not the only developer that is going to be working with the app.
If you feel like this thought is unfinished, you're not alone.
Until next time

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