October 30, 2006

When too much is TOO MUCH

I've just got back online at home today. My PC has been waiting on a new power supply until today, got it in and all is well. Updated to Firefox 2.0 and all is grand.

I've decided that the people who run the famous teeny site TheirSpace should really control the level of content their users can post on a page. I'm serious. People don't know when they've reached a level of I have enough content on this page. What's that? You want to add something new to your page? Well then, replace something that has been on their for a month or more, no one will miss it.

Why do I complain? I have super high speed cable internet. I can surf (with my handydandy Firefox browser) at the speed of type and I don't want to be slowed down by even the faint reminder of my old dial-up days. I've recently been to a couple of old friends sites at that space and it takes for-freakin'-ever to load.

I say we should petition to have the profiles squeezed for bandwidth or stop visiting those friends' sites until they figure out that they need to clean it up.

Oh and by the way, thank goodness for AdBlock in my Firefox, it helps cut out some of the trash in that space and other ad driven sites.

Until next time


Anonymous said...

Another GINORMOUS problem with those are the giant comment section where your "friends" can post cute little comments and inside jokes that noone else will get... anyway, in those they allow people to put FREAKING VIDEOS in their signature... VIDEOS PEOPLE! Videos should not be in a signature... I don't even like those big images people put in them, but a full blown video is retarded.

Les Martin said...

I know. A good rule of thumb for any internet user should be that if you have a signature of any sort it must be text only. IF you MUST have anything else to help express who you THINK you are then by all means use a small gif (no animation please). But I definitely think text only and add a hyper link if you feel compelled.