November 25, 2006

Turkey day in the sticks

So you know that you've gone off the grid when you make it to a place where the state newspaper doesn't have a delivery route. Growing up in Battiest, OK I never realized this, but the Daily Oklahoman is delivered by mail. Thus, when it is a holiday, you don't get your paper. Well, the wife loves the Thanksgiving edition of the paper because it has all the adverts for all the stores with sales on black friday. So, being the take care of my family type alpha-male that I am (cough, cough), I made a trek to the nearest daily stocked newspaper box which was in Hochatown, about 20 minutes from Battiest.

After all that my wife was very dissappointed to find out that the Daily Oklahoman editions that were delivered to McCurtain county don't have the usual adverts. I believe they had sections for Atwoods and JC Penney. Considering that the nearest glimpse of a shopping mall to Battiest is 3 hours away in another state that shouldn't be too surprising.

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Anonymous said...

I did Turkey In The Sticks this year too. Although when we left on Thursday night the Clayton Country Store was still open... so that's something.