June 11, 2007


Isn't it funny how the human memory will work. For instance I always associate music with an event or time of my life. I don't ever remember trying to associate things... it just happens.

If I listen to any music from the album Hybrid Theory by Linkin Park I'm instantly reminded of Syphon Filter on the Playstation, I clocked a ton of hours on that game in my dorm and jammed that album while doing so. When I hear anything from August and Everything After by Counting Crows I'm reminded of the journey of Jack Sawyer in the novel The Talisman by Stephen King and Peter Straub. It's wierd how fresh those memories are just with the sound of that music.

So, what reminds you of those memories past? A sound, a smell?

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Erik said...

I just lost the game.

Forrest said...

Oh dude, the same thing happens to me...mine are a little weird, though.

Some gems:
Beck's Odelay reminds me of playing Hexen 64

Thursday's Full Collapse reminds me of driving around lost in OKC

Jimmy Eat World's Clarity (specifially "Just Watch The Fireworks") reminds me of driving to Stillwater for an internship. I happened to be listening to that song one night while driving by Frontier City during a fireworks show.

Jason said...

As you know I'm a bit obsessed about music so I have quite a few of these. I associate quite of bit of my life to certain music albums/songs/artists whatever it may be. A few that come to mind are . . .

'Birth Ritual' by Soundgarden. A good friend of mine got a killer new stereo in her red Honda CRX and we were driving around jamming some Soundgarden. Everytime I hear it I immediately see me at 15 years old driving around Tulsa with Natalie.

'Rico Suave' by Gerardo. My good friend Justin would feel it necessary to play it really loud to wake me up whenever I would crash at his apartment in college.

'Poison'/'Do Me Baby' by Bell Biv Devoe. Those songs were HUGE when I was just starting out in high school and was having puppy love for Heather. One I hear either of those songs I think back to being a noob in the high school band and following Heather around.