August 20, 2007

Bioshocked: Redux

So I've had time to sleep and think it over. I have to admit maybe I blogged too soon. Maybe I really just needed to finish the demo a few times to get a true grasp of the mood. After all this, I can't deny, I want to play Bioshock. I've decided that maybe what creeped me out the most is the setting. It seems to me that the devs did an awesome job of taking me into the depths of the ocean and leaving me for dead. The first time through the demo I really had a sense of hopelessness.

What helped take me there? Well I've already mentioned how I thought the visuals are great, so I'll leave that alone. The sounds. That's right. From the 1950s soundtrack playing to the eerie sounds emanating from around all corners. I feel like I am there, wondering if I'm going to run into some new impassable threat. I don't want to die here. That's what I feel.

Things I've found that I really enjoyed in the demo: hacking. You can hack any electronic security device. So I was able to make a security camera work for me (instead of constantly sending security bots after me it sends them to my enemies). I revived a busted security bot and it hovered around like a guardian angel warding off foes who would come after me. I didn't hack the turret gun, so I may play the demo once more just to say I did. To shanghai a device you basically have 2 options. 1) Hack it. To do this you get a simple version of a pipes game. Make the flow of energy get from 1 point to another by revealing tiles and arranging them to the proper flow. 2) Buy them off. You collect money throughout the game, you can use it to pay the device to work for you, so you don't have to chance hacking it (if you fail to hack a device in time it will blow up in your face).

So budget wise I still will not buy this game. But I have to retract my statement and say now that I am sorry I won't be playing this game this week. Maybe one of my friends will loan it to me when they're finished (Rainbow Six:Vegas is on the table). I do have to say though that I would try to open the achievement Little Sister Savior not for my conscience but rather for the hope of obtaining all achievements.

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Jason said...

I wasn't even going to get it until I played through the demo this weekend. I thought it was pretty sweet and really cool effects like you said with the sound and music. And I saw it's $49.99 at Circuit City (instead of the usual $59.99).

Erik said...

I can definitely hear where you're coming from on the financial front. There are too many good games coming out in the next few months to drop 50 bones on all of them. Maybe you should put it on your christmas wishlist (if you aren't able to borrow it).

I can't wait for this thing to launch. I bought it without even playing the demo (which comes out today for people of the PC inclination like myself) and it's already on my hard drive just waiting to be unlocked by Steam. I just hope that the Live achievements will also be included in the PC version.

Nathan said...

Awesomes. I'll let you borrow it when I'm done, which may happen to coincide with a certain Wii release next week.