September 10, 2007

Measuring Developers

I need to get back on track and talk about programming. There is a lot that has been on my mind lately but I've been to lazy to put it together. I've been thinking about developers and what makes one good and another one bad. In the end developers are people, and the nature of people is very obscure and random so no two people can really be measured with the same rules. Everyone has different strengths. Not everyone is going to be a quick study and natural tool-smith. So it isn't fair to say "so and so can pick up anything quickly, so they are worth more to my team than oh slow Joe over there".

I guess it comes down to responsibility. Sure you may not be the strongest Java programmer on the team, but how are you being responsible for what you do work on? How are you committing yourself to the tasks at hand? Can your team count on you or are you a quitter/winer?

There is way more on this and I don't have time right now.

Until next time

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