February 25, 2008


So I've reached Level 55 (Commander) in Call of Duty 4 and I'm not currently planning on going Prestige mode. Besides, it's not even available yet since I have to earn it as if it were Level 56. Prestige is a mode (or rather 10 modes) of reseting all that you've earned in the multi-player mode and starting over like new. The only thing you're left with to claim your badassness is a special medal next to your gamertag in-game. 10 prestige modes means 10 medals, but you have to go level 55 each time.... I don't think so.

The game is still fun. I haven't been let down since getting to take part in the Beta back last September (07). The single player is a solid play, action packed and a decent story and an ending that I thought was better than BioShock's (sorry Nathan). But really the most awe inspiring moment of the single player game was about half way through. If you played it you know what I'm talking about.

But the real crack addition that this game offers is the multi-player. It's fast paced and hardcore. There are 16 maps and enough game types to keep this casual gamer pleased for hours without pause. Sure I'm ready for the DLC coming next month, but that will also be competing with one of my FPS first loves:

Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. I've been a fan of Rainbow Six since I played the original on my PS1, although I didn't play any after that until Vegas on my 360. 2 comes out on the March 11th and I've decided to rid myself of Assassin's Creed for it. After all I did get all the gamer score out of that one and there really is no replay value in it for me. I thought there might be, but that would really just be a waste of time.

Until next time


Jason said...

Alright you've joined my team! Sell the games you aren't going to play anymore to help fund buying new games that you will actually play. It's a good strategy as far as I'm concerned.

Nathan said...

Wait, why are you apologizing?

Les said...

Nathan: I thought BioShock was your new girlfriend and I just insulted her.

Jason: Thanks for the welcome!