February 23, 2006

Guilty as charged

Ok, I admit it. I'm a living advertisement. More than 3 times a day you can probably catch the phrase, "just google that..." come out of my mouth. Someone will ask me how to spell a word, "just google it." What's the definition of...? "just google it." What's a good programming solution to use for...? "just google that..."

Also, whenever I need information from someone I just say, "just send that to my gmail." Need to know the local weather? Let me pull up my Google Home Page. When chatting about the latest news I've read I don't mention the site the content came from, I say "...I got this off my google page".

Need directions? Let me pull up Google Maps. I'm even writing this blog entry in a Google owned bloggin service. And how can I forget, what was the final score for last nights big game? Let me just pull up good ol' Google Search since that is what got them started anyway.

So you can plainly see, I use a lot of Google services. But it's not really that I have a contract with them or anything, they're just there and I like them enough. I guess the point really is that I use a lot of web services period. It is funny how technology changes us as it changes. We live in an era where information is but a few mouse-clicks, key-strokes, and hyper-text hand-shakes away. Growing up in the middle of no where with less than expendable income my biggest resource as a child was our dusty old family set of Encyclopedia Britannica [before it was available in digital format ;-) ]. Now I don't even own an encyclopedia, but I have a high-speed internet connection, so it works out.

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