March 5, 2006

Not much to report

Well, not a lot going on right now. Although the past week I have found time to read again. Decided to get back into Tom Clancy (the "apostrophe" books anyway). I like the quickness of the serial novels at times. Most recently I grabbed the second Splinter Cell novel off the shelf at Books a Million; Operation Barracuda. Not a bad little read, I finished it and decided to read the first one. I haven't played any of the video games that these books were based on, but I think I may get the first one for PC. Sam Fisher is definitely b.a. I look forward to seeing new books in the series (and there is supposedly a movie in the works).

I've been doing a lot of front-end work (web stuff: JSP, Struts, the works) lately and things are getting a bit monotonous. We are about to start a new use case so things will get a little more interesting.

Not much else to report, Lost is definitely keeping me coming back week to week, I just wish they'd stop breaking for reruns ;-).

Until next time.

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