March 8, 2006

Do you Wiki?

If you've never witnessed the incredible power of Wiki, honestly, you're missing out. Wikis are most well known for their use as a collaborative tool, but many are discovering that the ability to easily write complicated html markup coupled with the ability to organize information in a non-linear way is extremely effective for personal use. I must confess, I'm one of them. I recently discovered TiddlyWiki, a robust Wiki implementation that requires no setup or installation. You simply download a single html file and open it with your favorite web browser. You can get started with it immediately by clicking the hyperlink above. When you navigate to that page, a copy will be downloaded to your browser's temporary folder just like any other web page. There's also a nice tutorial on how to effectively use TiddlyWiki. Give it a try. It's really useful for keeping notes, keeping track of your bookmarks in a central location, writing a journal, or just organizing your thoughts. You can even keep the file on a USB stick and take it anywhere you go.


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