July 20, 2006

Dog days...

Well, it is official. The dog days of summer are here. Not saying that it is as hot as it is going to get, but if we hit the zenith and headed down from here I promise I won't complain.

Well, the company is notifiying people at work that internal audits have shown that we are running Firefox and we need to uninstall it to meet company standards. Yes you heard me correctly. We are not allowed to use Firefox at work, we have to use the inferior Internet Exploder with all it's glorious security risks and lack of usability. Oh well, no use crying over it.

Caught Superman Returns last weekend. Not a bad show, although it didn't turn me into a Superman fan, he's just not my style of fictional hero.

Java is keeping me busy. Whether it be in my cup or on my screen I keep it flowing (I'm not going to comment on quality :-p ).

Until next time

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