July 6, 2006

Gang of 10?

Many (all 2 of you that read) may wonder why this blog is titled Gang of 10 when it seems that there is mostly only one author (yours truly). Well, if you haven't gone back to the original posts then here is a bit of a trip to 1 year ago.

One year ago this Saturday (08 June 2006) I began working for my first salary job. I was hired along with 9 other up and coming cohorts to write software for an international rental car company. We went through seven weeks of intensive Java Enterprise training in Dallas, TX. During our time in training I thought that a good way to show each other and people back home and at the company what we were learning was to start a blog that we could all contribute to. Thinking of things to call the group was the usaul: something cool, something trendy, something catchy. At first it was a name that was oriented around the company that hired us, then a brainstorm hit. We studied so many software development patterns over this seven weeks that we were patterned out. Many of the patterns we discussed were known as the famous Gang of 4 Patterns (popular software development book by 4 renown software authors). So, since 9 plus myself equals ten I figured a copy-cat handle was appropriate.

So it stuck, we are the Gang of 10. At first it started with more contributors than myself, but alas, I am pretty much the author of the blog now. Albeit, there is the occasional word from a couple of the others.

For what it's worth.
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