July 9, 2007

Most used firefox extensions

Others have posted their favorites so here are my most used Firefox extensions, I use many more, but these are my top extensions lately.

  • FoxyTunes
  • TwittyTunes (you have to be know twitter to get this one)
  • GCalQuickTab
  • IE Tab
  • ScribeFire (used to publish this and most of my blog posts)
  • Gmail Notifier

  • let me know if you have one that I should be using...

    Until next time


    Erik said...

    Forecastfox Enhanced - Forecastfox plus snazzy giant radar view.

    Google Browser Sync - Syncs cookies, bookmarks, passwords, tabs/windows between multiple Firefoxen.

    Searchload Options - Because I usually will only make a non-google search once in a blue moon it'll set my search bar back to google so I won't be pissed when my search goes to amazon.

    Les said...

    thanks Erik, just installed Searchload Options and it's great. Love the reset to Google option and I always open searches in new tab, this things lets you set an exception if your on a blank tab, that's nice.

    Thanks man.