July 24, 2007

"Travel well."

Watched Apocalypto yesterday and I must say that though I was a bit skeptical at first I really enjoyed the film. It was a bloody flick, but not in a way that I would consider it a gore-fest, but in that way that an ancient people without proper modern hygiene would be bloody. I thought the cinematography was excellent, I enjoyed the way the camera took you into the jungles of the Yucat√°n. I know it's not the first time that has been done, but as far as this movie goes I was pleased.

The story wasn't all that intriguing or even unpredictable, but it was entertaining enough that I watched it to the end. You do have to be okay with subtitled films to really enjoy this one though, because just like Gibson's Passion of the Christ it is completely spoken in the setting's vernacular and only translated into english in the subtitles (which by the way were easy to follow, some films do jump around too much with dialogue to be good subtitle films).

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