January 4, 2008

Guy stuff

One of my favorite all time guy movies is Desperado, the Robby Rodriguez flick with Antonio Banderas.
I started listening to the soundtrack today for the first time in probably more than a year and it reminded me I need to watch it again just to reaffirm my manliness (as if I needed to do that). Well, I can't. I own it you see, but I own it in the out dated format of VHS. For you kids that read my blog that's what we used to watch before teh DVD became the thing and the internet was way too slow to download video (I know this is arguable). Anyway. I don't have a VCR hooked up in my house (that's the machine that plays the VHS). So, for my manliness' sake, I need to go pick up this movie on DVD.

Until next time,


Jason said...

On your way to buy the dvd you should go ahead and buy a six pack of beer, pickup a "behind the counter only" magazine, and shoot a critter or two with your 30-aught-6

hardwareguy said...

Desperado is one of my favorite movies. Robert Rodriguez is such a cool filmmaker. The directors commentary is so cool on this one cause he was still learning alot about the craft and he made it with a limited budget so he had to do a lot of things himself, like shooting the scenes normally left to a 2nd unit director and running the steady cam himself.

Jason: It's still squirrel season until Jan 31st. =)

Anonymous said...

you should tell the kids what a typewritter is too. bsssssss

drodmaster said...

Dude, I can still remember the good old days of VHS vs. BetaMax. How's that for being an old fart.