January 29, 2008

RSS Reader of Choice

I recently switched from using Bloglines(new beta version) to Google Reader for my RSS needs. I like Bloglines, but I thought it was time to hand Google another piece of my online lifestyle.

I like how Reader integrates easily with my GMail account and some of the added features (like my "Shared" items). What I wish Google had that Bloglines offers is anonymous email accounts.
With Bloglines I could generate a random email address (@bloglines.com) that would be added as a subscribtion in my feeds and I could use that address to sign up for services that require an email (if I didn't want to give them my real email). Also, I used that to subscribe to some user groups email newsletters, so I got to read them like feeds instead of having to mess with them in my inbox. Maybe Google will add this eventually, but for now I'll keep using Reader.

Until next time

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Forrest said...

Reader is 4w3s0m3!!!!!!1!1!!