July 28, 2005

Behold.... the power of bug.

Coming from a programming background that was not as healthy as some others might have been I am just now getting used to practices that should have been planted into my thick skull from the beginning. For instance, in my IDE [most IDE's] there is a little bug image I can click, and if I had set a break point then ~voila~ I can step through my code and see exactly what is going wrong before it goes wrong. The simplest problems within code are often easiest to overlook. Debugger helps step line by line through execution in your project and #BAM# you find the problem. If I had only known about this in college my life would have been a lot easier. I can remember nights of printing out C++ source and reading line-by-line through it to find the simplest of mistakes that the compiler has overlooked.

So, for my Computer Science I class that I may someday teach, no matter what language we use, I will cover the following things early in term:
Unit Testing

These things make life so much more understandable (well, not life, code).

Ok, there is my morning rant.
Until next time.
Les Martin

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