July 25, 2005

Dallas Traffic...

Well, it is becoming clear to me that in Oklahoma there is really no true understanding of rush hour traffic. Don't get me wrong, at the end of any work day you will find plenty of vehicles on the road, but you could spread a picnic in the road and not stop traffic. Here in the Dallas area on the other hand every street/highway is treated like the road to the lake on the first day of summer. Bumper to bumper, no room to breathe. One thing is for sure, when I get back to Oklahoma City I will enjoy the light traffic the highways hold there.

On a more technical note, I would like to sum up a little bit of what we have been doing. Last week I mentioned that Java was the thing. Well, it was actually pretty cool. We got to write a program for the board game Monolopy. We went through the whole Unified Process with it. Defining the business objects, drawing out the diagrams, showing the dependencies, and then taking it to code. It was pretty enjoyable overall. It gave me a chance to see the concepts we learned in week 1 in action with a practicle application (and a practicle application that didn't require 1000 lines of code).

This week is an entirely different ball game. We get to work with our company's Common Architecture to write a project. We will be working on C.R.U.D. [creating, reading, updating, deleting]. This is giong to be a learing experience, because it is our first chance to meddle in the Business Architecture of our company, we are officially getting our feet wet (or maybe the correct term is going in head first).

On a side note, configuration is a pain. Everything has to be just right and when it is something can still go wrong. I have to go in early tomorrow (not too early though) so that I can get a fresh view of the Project and rebuild it, some files aren't being generated on the build, oh well, I will figure it out.

Until next time.
Les Martin

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