July 20, 2005

Hotel Java and Coffee Code

A few months ago if you had asked me what I was planning to do with my summer spending time in Texas would have been one of the last things to cross my mind. But ask me now what I'm doing for the rest of the summer and it's all changed. I'm now in the mid-week 2 of a 7 week stay in the Dallas area. What am I doing? Honestly, I'm going back to school, but not just any school. Seven weeks of intensive OOA&D and Java/J2EE training for my new career.

Object Oriented Analysis and Design was on the agenda last week. We worked on thinking in real world concepts and integrating them into usable artifacts. The most I got out of it? With proper planning and documentation programming business software is a piece of cake.

This week it's all about Java, and what a breath of fresh air that is. Everyone seems to be enjoying the chance to actually get to write some code... after all, programming is what we do. It is funny how you can take the simplest things and work them into object oriented code. This week we've done a simple Dice Game and now we are on the down side of a Monopoly game. Whatever everyone else may think this stuff is fun. Yes, I know that sounds childish.

I'm definitely looking forward to next week. We get to work with the common files and make a project based on it. That will definitely make the week go by fast.

Well, that is all you'll get from me now, later.

Les Martin