June 1, 2006

I love the smell of critics on a monday...

Okay, so nearly a week has passed since I stood in line approximately an hour to see the 3rd installment of the x-men franchise so I guess if you were wondering what I thought you can stop holding your breath because I'm divulging now (divulging? is that a word?).... anyway... don't worry, no spoilers here.

I find it particularly humorous that this film has found itself on the sharp end of many a fine critic's back-stabbing. I myself happened to enjoy the film and found it to be a nice addition to the series, and if it must end there I won't lose any sleep. Yes, you heard it here folks. In my lowly moviegoingnotaprofessionalcriticness I came away from the flick satisfied. Besides, it was a huge first week success so I guess the early-preview critics didn't sway as many folks as they would have liked.

Was it the best of the three? No, I don't think that. I think it falls somewhere in between being better than the first and not as captivating as the second. So now I guess you know which one I think is the best...

Please don't mentally tar-and-feather me (literally either), I'm only a lowly fan.

Until next time

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