June 27, 2006

In my opinion...

  • Led Zeppelin will always be better than Elvis
  • the Spaghetti Westerns (Dollars Trilogy) will always be the greatest westerns
  • Java and C# could be considered the same language (syntax, structure)
  • the internet will not make the world a better place to live
  • the Zelda franchise is superior to any other gaming franchise
  • most people take things way too seriously
  • the internet will not make the world a bad place to live
  • (waxing philosophical) the hardest life-concept to understand at times is that life is never too long and life is never too short.
  • Some greenery in my cube would be nice
  • programming is fun (most of the time)
  • video games are way too addicting
  • there's never enough time in a busy day
  • slow days are way too long
  • this list is mostly useless

Until next time

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