June 30, 2006

Enter Sandman, Venom is coming, and your friendly neighberhood Spiderman

Spider-Man 3

So I had heard rumors that Venom may make it into the newest addition to the Spiderman movie franchise and now I know it's official (albeit I may be behind the curve here, but there is so much other stuff going on to stay on top of the early news about a movie that is still almost a year away). Check out the teaser trailer if you haven't yet, it made me want to go see this movie.

Topher Grace is going to be in this one. I know what your thinking (because I thought it too). How can they put another scrawny geeky actor in this franchise, isn't Macguire enough? But from what I've seen ol' Tophy has bulked up a bit for this role (maybe even had a little facial reconstruction if that turns you on.... er, uh, we won't go there) so you may not eve recognize him in the trailer.

Definitely on my theatre hit-list for next year.

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