September 16, 2006

Deja Vu?

Wow! Was that Texas Tech all over again? What a nightmare of a game. It makes me feel all gloomy, but I know as a sane person that it isn't the end of the world and it isn't even the end of the Sooner season. We still have conference play to get to (and I am still optimistic).

Don't worry, I won't be going around saying that the officials cheated us out of the game. No, I'll say the same thing I said when we lost to the Red Raiders (Texas Tech) last year:

If the Sooners had played 100% the entire game and not made so many stupid mistakes with the penalties (senseless penalties) then the officials couldn't have cheated us out of the game by making 2 or 3 bad calls.

It's true that we were cheated out of those two questionable calls within the last moments of the game. But had we earned the win from the beginning it would have been Boomer Sooner resonating after the last second ticked off the clock.

So there, I said it.
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Anonymous said...

That made me so very very sad. It was just a giant mess... I mean with almost no seconds left they spend 10 seconds before the hike the ball... then they do a damn running play up the middle rather than take a shot for the sideline to pickup extra yards. So sad... Jason