September 25, 2006

My first Nintendo WFC experience.

To those not yet privy to the info, I now have a DS (the Onyx DS Lite I mentioned a few posts back). For now I've only picked up one DS game (I still have the option to play all my GBA games on the DS), Metroid Prime Hunters, which is not a bad game (albeit getting used to the handheld/touchscreen controls was hard at first, but once you get used to it it's a breeze). I've mostly been playing the adventure mode, but today, being home sick I decided to try and connect to my wireless internet connection and find some challengers out on the interweb to face.

Connecting wasn't hard at all. I have WEP enabled on my router (I know, it isn't very secure, but it gives me that warm feeling inside) so I have to configure my WEP key in along with my wireless SSID (if those don't make sense to you don't worry, obviously you don't have to mess with them). Once that was accomplished it was a snap to get the game to find challengers (just a few moments of time while it went off to search).

Game-play wasn't that much different from any first person shooter you might have played multiplayer with before (any of the Bond games or Perfect Dark are comparable). But I will say that not knowing your opponent does make for an unsocial environment. I told the DS to find players along my same ranking, figured since I haven't played multi-player mode before it would see me as a novice and find some novice for me to play. WRONG! Maybe I'm the only novice out there, but needless to say every opponent I found was ready and willing to kill me on sight (I understand that is the way it is played, I even had the same aspirations, but I couldn't execute as well as they did).

After playing several matches with 3 groups and getting slaughtered mercilessly I took a break. Not a bad experience, I just have to learn how to cheat. :-)

Until next time


JT said...

You need to add mario kart to your collection. Its really fun.

Les Martin said...

I have considered the Mario Cart thing. I always liked it on the 64. I figure I will add it to my collection eventually, but my next games will be:

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow(on order)
Final Fantasy III