September 9, 2006

Fall is at the door

Okay, OU pulls out another win (2-0) after a shaky first half. And if you watched the first few seconds you were probably wondering when the Sooners would decide to go forward (I know I was). But going into the half tied they came back after the break and dominated, not allowing another Washington point until close to the end of the 4th.

So far my NFL fantasy team is favored by 3 going into week one, but after my defense only got 5 pts for me I don't know if that will pan out (I went with the Dolphins since they were going up against the Steelers minus 1 Big Ben, big mistake). We'll see how my first ever fantasy team does.

Until next time,


Jason said...

I've learned something from the first 2 games... FEED THE BALL TO A.D. Good grief... oh well at least the first two games they haven't been in a big hole after the first half so in the second when they settle in to running with Peterson they can mount a big lead. I don't think it's gonna be a pretty season. The tackling is pretty bad, but better against WSU than UAB.

JT said...

I missed most of the OU game but I sure didn't miss LongHorn's loss.

As for my Fantasy Football team, my wide receiver did pretty well in the first week but got injured. Hopefully he can still score some puts by keeping him in the lineup.