September 26, 2005

blog, don't die

Well, we're back at The Company and everything is going great so far. I think pretty much every one of us is getting really anxious to have our own cube and computer. I myself am definitely ready. In the meantime however, we're programming, analyzing, designing, meeting, and learning. Essentially, we're making the most out of our time with the senior programmers as we possibly can. Even though I'm ready to start contributing to the team, I know that I've learned so much from my mentor, and learned a lot more about how we are expected to do things at The Company, so in the end I guess it all works out.

It's really cool that we all had the 7 weeks of training to get to know one another. Aside from the fact that we're already pretty well acquainted with the basics of the architecutre, there is also the fact that there are nine other faces that you're familiar with. That alone makes the acclimation process so much easier.

Well, I didn't really have much to say. Everyone else should post...don't let the Gang of 10 die!

Peace out,

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