September 22, 2005


I want:

My own cubicle.
My computer.
More money.
Fewer bills.
Someone to take care of all the boring stuff I need to do so I don't have to do it.
More sleep.
More free time.
Dark Tower VII.
A new car.
A girlfriend.
Someone to cook for me.
To write a book.
A good idea for a book to write.
To learn Tae Kwon Do and Bushido.
And some other stuff...



Les Martin said...

would you like syrup for your waffles?

Anonymous said...

Argh. I remember cubicle days when I was a switchboard operator. Double Argh! Hopefully you have a window with a nice view. Oh! I see 'Gang of 10' on your website. Okee doke....just passing through. Consider me a temp. stand-in for the gang-person that didn't show up today.

Nathan said...

Woah, I got a comment. Awesome! Thanks! Yeah, Les, your waffle thing doesn't count.

Melanie said...

Who DOESN'T want waffles?