September 29, 2005

Diversity Training

Well, today at the job they had all of the newbies go to a meeting where we would be treated to a talk and video about diversity in the workplace. It wasn't really that educational. Nothing was put forth that we didn't already have a knowledge of. I guess it is just a way that the Company covers their butt. During this little meeting I did begin thinking about some things, namely about respect of persons during work.

One of the key things that was impressed upon us was the fact that we should respect other people's background, lifestyle, up-bringing, etc. This made me think. When I am at work I shouldn't have to know anything about anyone else except what is their overall work function and what is their overall use to me in that respect. Religion, background, sexual-orientation, and any other underlying difference they have with me shouldn't even be an issue unless we are spending personal time together. In other words, unless I get involved with a co-worker outside the work arena then there is no reason for me to have to respect their lifestyle because it wouldn't/shouldn't come up.

Am I being narrow minded here? Probably, but my point is still valid. There are things about me that I know many people would gladly argue against (even co-workers who would claim to be my friend) but it isn't an issue because these things aren't related to J2EE development. I know that there are certain things I should leave at home when I go to work. I can't get all up in arms or go all hoity-toity at work over my religious convictions or lifestyle choices, they don't belong there.

I didn't go into a job interview trying to make my personal points or sway people to accept my religion or background, if I had then my resume would have found file thirteen. How can I expect my day to day job life to be different.

Now all that being said I would say you shouldn't worry about me being non-social in the work-place. But realize that there are places in personal conversations I may choose to go that I won't go in a conversation with a colleague.

Now with that ramble, which probably makes no sense and treads on the thin line of causing me loss of respect (as if I had any to lose), I will exit until next time.


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