September 9, 2005

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Well, coming in in mid-to-late in the current iteration has been very interesting. Point in fact: we get to see things in an almost complete state so we may not know exactly what they are intending and they may need fixed. If that sentence doesn't actually make sense then you do get the picture. There is no way we could have been injected into this project without being paired up with someone already working on it. I guess that is why they planned this. I am really looking forward to finishing this iteration and starting a new one. At that point we may actually be more involved in the a&d so we will know way more about what is going on and actually have some claim in the code.

I think everyone is fitting in well, as far as I can tell they paired us up with compatible counterparts (I speak for myself and what I've seen, if I'm wrong I apologize). Everyone seems to be getting on well after training. My team is currently in bug-tracking-and-smashing-phase (yeah that one's not worded exactly like that in the books) and there seems to be a bit of pressure to get to a release point, but nothing major.

On a personal note, life after Dallas is good. I really don't get to rest as much now that I'm home as I did there (huh, responsiblities), but everything is starting to fall back into place.

Until next time.
Les Martin

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puShit said...

Hello? How's the gang doing? Haven't heard anything in a while, keep the rest of us posted, will ya? Happy day.