October 17, 2005

More BS from MS

Well, leave it to microsoft to stay in the back field on a trend and then jump on the band wagon in the last moments. Sort of like the time Gates said:

"The Internet? That'll go nowhere." [my paraphrase]

So, if you are anybody that is in anyway familiar with web development trends then you've heard of AJAX (
Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) [ever hear about Google Maps?]. Well MS is finally on the bandwagon, BUT, they can't stand to be on the coat tails of anyone so they have taken the liberty to push MS AJAX development under their own monicker: world MS would like to introduce you to the one and only original never before seen Atlas.

So much for the internet huh? And this is just more evidence of the bottomless innovation of our good friends at MS, and that's no BS.

Until next time,
Les Martin

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