October 25, 2005

Growing with the trends.

Catching the latest in commercial ad marketing between scenes in the latest greatest crime drama I began to ponder about, as pondering usually ends up, the good old days. I remember the good old days when my mom was into QVC. If you haven't heard of it QVC is a television shopping network. We were forced to sit and watch as the next big deal would come into the screan and watch while the sales people would pitch thier product. QVC was where I got my Sega Genesis game console. What lead me to this line of thought was ebay's new commercial "It".

Over the years modern consumerism has changed greatly. From the JCPenney and Sears Catalogs to television shopping networks to Amazon.com and ebay. ebay has made it their purpose as a business to be everything to everyone as seen in their latest wave of commercials. They don't do this with any concrete product of their own, but by allowing people all over the world to offer theirs.

That is software engineering at it's best.
Until next time
Les Martin

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