October 14, 2005

Sun Thinking Scalable Naming System.

So Sun Microsystems is finally considering a more scalable form of labeling for their technologies. For a long time we've all known about and used the terms: J2EE and J2SE which stand for Java 2 Enterprise Edition and Java 2 Standard Edition respectively. The wondering mind might always have wondered where Sun go with an upgrade. J3EE? or maybe even J5EE? But with a little help from some brilliant minds Sun has decided to start working on a more scalable name, a name that is independent of what version of Java it is based around. So now, if you find yourself reading technical articles from Sun, IBM, and others don't be surpised to see the more scalable names such as JEE (Java Enterprise Edition) and JSE (Java Standard Edition). Now the sky is the limit with this standard of naming without a clutter of numbers all over the place.

Just thought you ought to know.
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Les Martin

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