August 10, 2005

Can't See the Trees for the Forest

Take a moment...

Step back...

Sleep on it...

So tomorrow I have to go back at the Reference Implementation with a fresh start. What a mess it can seem to be at times. Sandeep and myself have been working together this week on the next iteration and it has been a slow week. We decided today after a little progress and a lot of work that we needed to call it a day and step back into it with fresh minds in the morning. I know that for myself I am still working on grasping the entire framework. There is much to learn, but with time and effort I will get a handle on it.

Next week is J2EE/EJB week, that should be very educational.

Advice I give myself:
We were brought to training to learn to work together toward a single development solution, don't be competitive and leave someone behind or be prideful and get left behind.

Until Next Time,
Les Martin

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