August 1, 2005

JSPs and HP-6

Well, Another week is going strong after a grueling monday back at Valtech. We're doing (as previosly announced) JWEB which means we are covering Servlets, JSPs, STRUTS, and related technologies. Today was pretty nice, we wrote a few JSPs to handle simple currency conversion. It was simple enough logistically, but getting used to the J2EE web programming may take a little extra study.

I'm looking forward to getting into STRUTS. I'm ready to seperate all Java from HTML. I hate mixing the different kinds of code in one file, I'm ready to step up to the next level.

I'm almost finished with HP-6 (Harry Potter book 6), not a bad read, but pretty plotless. It seems to be a filler to the rest of the series than a story on it's own, but it is pretty good. Having just been convinced last year by my wife to read the HP series I am new to the series, but as far as good fiction goes the books don't dissapoint.

Things I like about Boot Camp:
The training is hands on and in-depth.
The Valtech folks have been great (Don and Matt are really helping us along).

Thing I dislike about Boot Camp:
Being away from my wife.

Until next time.
Les Martin

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