August 1, 2005

Hi, I'm Erik

Hi all. My post won't be as eloquent or verbose as Forrest's or Les's, but I wanted to let everyone know I was alive for the most part and will possibly be contributing to this website from time to time. I really don't even post a lot on my own site, but that would be the place to go for relatively up-to-date news on me. I'm really psyched to be a part of this so-called incubator training for The Company. My trainers are well versed in what they're teaching, and my co-conspirators are smart and cool. There is a lot of crap being shoveled on us at once here, but everyone is getting through it with relatively little friction. Time to pad this post with generic biographical information. My name is Erik Beach. I have lived in Tulsa, OK for my whole life. Around 5th grade I decided I loved computers and wanted to use them all the time. I finally got my first computer in 9th grade and have been building new ones for myself every 1.5 years or so and upgrading every chance I get. I graduated from the University of Tulsa in May 2005 with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. I'll be moving to OKC in a few weeks and can't wait to get started at The Company. That's enough for now. Keep 'er in the paint!

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