August 2, 2005

System.out.println("Hello World");

Hello, my name is John and I am one of the other trainees in the incubator. This is my first time posting in a blog as well as reading one. So if my post doesn't sound very exciting or catchy, then maybe I could post some java code for the uber geeks to get excited over. I have been living in Oklahoma City for all 22 years of my life. I graduated from Oklahoma City University just a few months ago. I was one of the fortune people to get hired right out of college. But before starting work at The Company, the ten accepted applicants must enter a program in Dallas for additional training. Which brings me to the present...

for ( int i = 0 ; i < infinity-1 ; i++)
System.out.println("must hold your attention a little longer...");

For the three weeks that I have been here, it has been very fun, educational, and tiring. I have made new friends, who have been very helpful. They helped me with the coding as well as other things outside of training. The training itself was very..."juicy" (what an adjective to use, lol). So much content is covered each day, that not everything could be retained completely. Because the training starts with the basics and progressing up, I find myself having difficulty dropping old programming habits from college (I was too cool to do analysis+design back then, why start now). As for new concepts that I have never worked with before (jUnit, servlets, jsp, etc), I started struggling. Thankfully, the instructors are there to help.

Well, its time for me to wrap this up and hit the books again. Hopefully this was a good initial post for me in this blog. More details next time.

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