August 4, 2005

Half-Started or Half-Over

Well, we have officially breached the half-way mark in our training. And I can say for myself that so far I cannot complain. After covering what we have covered I am psyched about Java and J2EE development. I've done a little web development, but never on this scale. The things we are doing now are some of the coolest things I've ever done in code. I'm growing to love design patterns, coming from my background I haven't had a lot of experience of knowledgably implementing patterns. This week I have grown to love the Controller and Command patterns.

STRUTS is an awesome framework, I am really looking forward to getting farther into it. I really like the way the MVC is tied together so seamlessly. Model and View are finally real world concepts to me now, not just something I've read about in a text-book.

Although the training is going great I am not sad that we are over the half-way point. I look forward to getting home. I also am looking forward to getting to work using what I'm learning at work. I finally feel like I am a Software Developer (or at least I have the skills and knowledge to be). All being said, I want to be home, but the training is priceless.

Things the Gang Will Miss:
Ping Pong

Things the Gang Won't Miss:
being away from home

Until next time,
Les Martin


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